The unique combination of soils, climate and water, coupled with an innovative, pioneering spirit and an enduring focus on quality has resulted in the fine reputation New Zealand wines enjoy today. A country of contrasts, New Zealand's vineyards occupy only a small part of a landscape better known for its dense, native forests, snow-capped mountains and spectacular coastline.

Being the first winemaker to plant Sauvignon Blanc in the South Island region of Marlborough, we're proud to have played a significant part in the development and growth of the New Zealand wine industry. First released in 1979, the success of our Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc was the single biggest factor that contributed to New Zealand permanently planting itself on the recognised world wine map. Today, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is regarded as the definitive benchmark style for this varietal around the world.

New Zealand has similar dimensions to and lies as far from the equator as Italy – putting the country within one of two global wine belts, spanning latitudes of 36 to 45 degrees. While the country receives strong sunshine, climatically it's at the coolest end of the grape-growing spectrum. With a range of micro-climates and soil types, the country produces a diverse array of styles across several grape varieties.

Wine is grown throughout the length of the country, mostly on east coast plains sheltered by mountains. Brancott Estate™ crafts wine from all of New Zealand’s major wine regions, most notably in Marlborough - the winegrowing area we helped pioneer and which we call home. While there are unmistakable regional differences in the wines of New Zealand, they also share characteristics that are typical of the country as a whole.

In addition to Sauvignon Blanc, the growing recognition and popularity of New Zealand Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris), Chardonnay, Méthode Traditionelle sparkling wines, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends continues to further New Zealand's position as a leading producer of world-class wines.

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