With the experience of more than 20 vintages, Chief Winemaker Patrick Materman has been part of the rapid growth and success of the New Zealand wine industry.


Chief Winemaker, Patrick Materman joined us in February 1990 - and with the experience of over 20 vintages, he has been part of the rapid growth and success of both Brancott Estate wines - and the New Zealand wine industry as a whole.

Patrick spent the first four years with us as a cellar hand, then as a trainee winemaker, before moving to Marlborough in 1994 as an assistant winemaker. In 2001, Winestate Magazine awarded Patrick with the ‘New Zealand Winemaker of the Year’ title.

At age six Patrick decided he would study horticulture at Massey University and embark on growing flowers, "a Dutch father’s influence" he explains. Floriculture turned into winemaking - and he now considers spending time in vineyards as one of the most important aspects of his job. This involves monitoring vineyard blocks, tasting fruit and determining the optimum harvest date.

Eternally curious for opportunities to improve our wines, Patrick is fascinated with the effect of terroir on wine style - seeking to better understand and highlight Marlborough’s sub-regional differences, as well as the differences between regions.


ANDREW NAYLORViticulturist

Andrew looks after our South Island grape supply, which includes liaising with our vineyard managers and our viticultural service managers who work with our growers to ensure the grapes meet the quality and quantity desired. “There’s never a dull moment”, Andrew notes, with another harvest always on the horizon.


MIKE INSLEYViticulturlist

As National Viticulture Manager, Mike is responsible for the supply of all the grapes for our wines. In a typical day he may be working with winery or vineyard managers, other viticulturists and even suppliers of equipment required on our vineyards. When he’s not ensuring our grapes are growing nicely, Mike’s caring for his own olive grove of around 50 trees at his home.

JOHN ARGYLEVineyard Manager

Managing Brancott Vineyard to ensure the finest fruit can be delivered to our winemaking team is John’s number one priority. He notes that “…every season is different, which throws up its own unique challenges - it is always extremely satisfying to sample the finished product knowing the hard work and attention that has gone into its production.”

ERIC HUGHESWinery Manager

As Manager of our Marlborough Winery, Eric and his skilled team are responsible for turning harvested grapes into wines of the highest quality under the guidance of our winemakers. It’d be difficult to, but you’d want to watch yourself if you ever got on the wrong side of Eric given he’s the head instructor at the Blenheim Dojo for Seido Karate.


If you’re lucky enough to visit the Brancott Estate Heritage Centre, chances are you’ll run into Kathy. Along with managing tours, tastings, functions and events, Kathy and her dedicated team strive to make your visit to our Marlborough cellar door a memorable one. It’s a busy job – fortunately she’s as fit as a fiddle from a lifelong passion for running.

JASON DOUGHTYAsst. Vineyard Manager

Working closely with John and the team at Brancott Vineyard – Jason’s work revolves around planning activities in the vineyard that have one aim – to provide optimum quality fruit for our winemakers. Like most of us, Jason’s often found enjoying the outdoors after hours – mountain biking, trout fishing and tramping in particular.

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