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4 Unusual
Food Pairings

January 17, 2023

Sip, chip, hooray! 4 unusual wine and food pairings that are surprisingly delicious  

The greatest myth in the wine world is that there are rules – from the glass you drink your wine from, to the snack you enjoy with it. We think wine is best enjoyed how you like it, so why not shake up your wine and food pairings with something unexpectedly delicious? 

Thinking outside the box might just lead you to discover your new favourite pairing; however weird and wonderful it may be!  

So, in the spirit of trying something new, here are four unusual wine and food pairings that might not be so unusual after all. 

1. Cheese toastie with Chardonnay 

Okay, we’ll concede that cheese and wine has a place in history for a reason. But what’s even more delicious than your classic charcuterie is a rich, delicious cheese toastie.  

Molten cheddar and Parmesan oozing out from between two slices of golden, buttery, toasted bread… it doesn’t get better than that. Unless you add a glass of our Classic Chardonnay, that is. 


2. Steak with Pinot Noir OR Sauvignon Blanc  

Tradition says steak must be imbibed with a rich, heavy red. But why not lighten up a little by pairing a leaner cut of meat (served however rare you like it, of course) with our bright and fruity Pinot Noir?  

If you really want to switch things up, our crisp and zesty Sauvignon Blanc plays nicely with a good steak, too. Invite chips to the plate and you’ve got yourself a party. 


3. Fries with Chardonnay  

Fries (or chips for our southern hemisphere herd) are the unsung hero of the dinner table. We think a hero like that deserves the leading role, so make your chippies the star of your meal and fill that sidekick spot with a glass of buttery Chardonnay. 

If you want to be really fancy, serve them with toothpicks and consider them hors d’oeuvres. 


4. Sweets with Sauvignon Blanc 

We can’t forget about dessert! While tradition would have you reaching for a typical ‘dessert wine’, we think it’s much more fun to go for a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc.  

Whether you’re serving cakes, cookies, or even chocolate, our Reserve Sauvignon Blanc elevates the occasion (and it tastes pretty yum, too).