We've partnered with UK designer, Benjamin Craven, to create four limited-edition bottle labels for our iconic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

The result; the Marlborough landscape and the flavours and aromas of Brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc are brought to life in visual form on bottles of our 2018 vintage.


Benjamin is an emerging British designer known for his bold signature style of textures, clashing colours, patterns and heavy use of geometric shapes. Inspired by the world around him, he sets out to encourage the viewer to consider playfulness in both art and life.

Benjamin Craven talking at his desk


In the designs, Benjamin re-imagined the picturesque landscape of the Marlborough region, from the vineyards to the clear blue skies, dissecting the original labels and putting his own perspective on each of the elements. He describes the labels as the perfect pairing of Brancott Estate heritage set against his abstract geometric style, and his passion for colour and pattern.

Ben notes, “I wanted to bring the Brancott Estate personality to life with vibrant colours and my contemporary style, the geometric shapes". There are four different designs that depict different elements of the landscape and the original label in different ways.

"It was about bringing the flavours of the wine and the Marlborough landscape to life in a fun, playful design but also staying true to the original label.”

Benjamin Craven designing labels for Brancott Estate

“I liked the way the mountains in the original label looked like torn paper and that made me want to play on the idea of using a collage effect. I’ve used different coloured lines to depict the vineyard rows and combined the greens and blues of the landscape, the red of the red shed and added in pinks and yellows that depict the flavours of the wine.”

A label is applied to a bottle of Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc
Brancott Estate Limited Edition Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Ben’s ability to bring a fresh perspective to ordinary objects reflects the Brancott Estate ethos. He was an ideal partner to bring the fresh, vibrant and bursting Sauvignon Blanc flavour to life in an exciting new way.

Patrick Materman, our Chief Winemaker says, “Brancott Estate is known for creating wines that are fresh, vibrant and bursting with flavour. It is exciting to see how Benjamin has interpreted the wine flavours using pinks and yellows, as well as capturing the geometry and contrasting colours of our vineyards in Marlborough, New Zealand. Our wines taste as good as they look.”

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