As exclusive wine supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand, we’re proud to be supporting the team as they chart a course to the defence of the 36th America’s Cup in 2021.  

"As a brand who looks to do things differently and embraces forward-thinking, we see a strong link between ourselves and Emirates Team New Zealand. We are excited to be able to support Emirates Team New Zealand as they defend their title at America’s Cup 2021.” - Patrick Materman, Brancott Estate Winemaker (and keen amateur sailor)

Brancott Estate Emirates Team New Zealand Limited Edition bottles Emirates Team New Zealand lifting the America's Cup


To celebrate our partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand, we’ve created three limited-edition bottles, each reflecting a key area required for success on the water.

The three bottle labels use international maritime signal flags to give New Zealander’s a deeper understanding of the different roles needed to make the boat go faster and drive the team to victory in the 2021 America’s Cup – chase winds, drive speed, and forge power. Each label is signed by three of the Emirates Team New Zealand team members whose roles help the team achieve success in the depicted area, whether on the boat or behind the scenes.   


Glenn Ashby (Sailor), Steve Collie (Aero Coordinator) and Rob (Salty) Salthouse (Rig Construction Coordinator)

GOAL: Extracting maximum driving force from the wind

Emirates Team New Zealand at Brancott Vineyard Chase Winds Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc

Dreams to reality sums up this trio. Glenn, a world class sailor, is an ideas man, dreaming up new and faster ways a boat can harness the wind. He’s never afraid to challenge the norm or put new concepts to the design table – brought to life by Steve and Salty. Steve throws science at the concepts using computer simulation to quantify results and see where gains can be made, or weight can be saved. Salty, a veteran America’s Cup and ocean racer, leads a team converting the resulting designs into high tech composite structures. The ability to contribute at the highest level, each with their own expertise but with a common language of sail design, makes for a dream team.


Peter Burling (Sailor), Dan Bernasconi (Head of Design) and Elise Beavis (Performance Engineer)

GOAL: Extracting speed from numbers

Emirates Team New Zealand at Brancott Vineyard Drive Speed Brancott Estate South Island  Pinot Noir

Unravelling the code best describes this relationship. Simulation designer and mathematical wizard Dan, who has a background in F1, heads up the design team and can be credited with raising the technology bar in the sailing game. The use of racing simulators, analysis software and on-the-water sailing measurement results in a massive amount of data. Elise, an engineer who is also one of NZ’s top foiling sailors, takes on the daunting role of analysing this sea of numbers, recommending to Pete and the sailing team how to extract optimum performance from the yacht. Pete, while known for his raft of sailing achievements, also studied engineering and is at home with pages of numbers and graphs. Simulate, design, sail, repeat.


Josh Junior (Sailor), Richard (Dick) Meacham (Sailor/Platform Coordinator), Luke McAllum (Mechanical Engineer)

GOAL: Designing winning systems for sailors

Emirates Team New Zealand at Brancott Vineyard Forge Power Brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Josh, one of NZ’s top sailors in Olympic and Cup level, works on the front line, creating power and control for the boat. Josh knows the boat so well that he feels where it’s hurting and senses when it’s ripping. As the boat evolves in design, it’s vital that the sailors’ voices are heard. Step in Dick, an America’s Cup veteran who has the essential role of managing the interface between sailors and designers, presenting a clear design brief with the right balance of form and function. Luke, a handy sailor himself and now in his fourth America’s Cup campaign as a designer, is the creative genius responsible for many of the mechanical systems that Josh interacts with. Each one an integral part of a winning team.

All three limited-edition labels appear across two of our most cherished wines; Brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Brancott Estate South Island Pinot Noir – both available in New World, Pak'nSave and Countdown stores now.


During the 2019 harvest we hosted members of Emirates Team New Zealand at Brancott Vineyard in Marlborough, where they learnt more about the parallels between winemaking and high-performance sailing - in particular the need to work with nature as opposed to against it.

Emirates Team New Zealand members at Brancott Vineyard

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Emirates Team New Zealand boat hit by wave