Here at Brancott Estate, we've had an eye on the future right from the start. From purchasing land across Marlborough and planting the region's first Sauvignon Blanc vines, to building a world-class winery and exporting globally – our forward-thinking mindset shapes everything we do. We want to inspire others to see the world with fresh eyes.

Brancott Estate Red Shed at night time


Brancott Estate has been looking to the future since the beginning, advocating sustainability across all aspects of winemaking and helping found sustainable winemaking in New Zealand. That's why we looked to our surroundings to help us find an unconventional solution to an age-old problem.

Our team of ‘woolly workers’ – around 1,900 sheep – helps us prepare for harvest every year by plucking the leaves from our vine canopies to uncover bunches of ripening grapes. This leaf removal is particularly important for Pinot Noir vines, in order to expose the developing fruit to sunlight. Not only are sheep quicker than human leaf pluckers, they are just the right height to pluck the leaves that surround the bunches without damaging the canopy above. Thankfully, with bellies full of lush green goodness, they're not interested in sampling our grapes.

Sheep grazing on Brancott Estate vine leaves Sheep at Brancott Estate vineyard Sheep eating vine leaves


To reflect our distinctive style of winemaking, we collaborated with designer Dror Benshetrit to create an art installation that captures the spirit of our Marlborough vineyard. Named Under/standing, the permanent sculpture gives the illusion of growth, forming a geometric pattern that encapsulates the shape of the grapevines and the strength of the winemaking process. Unveiled in late 2017, Dror's remarkable sculpture is viewable from many different angles, offering a fresh perspective every time.

Dror Benshetrit art installation at Brancott Estate


In 2016, we partnered with BlueChilli to launch winexplorer – an innovation challenge for pioneers, inventors, wine enthusiasts and anyone with a great idea to revolutionise the wine experience.

We received over 100 innovations from across Australia and New Zealand, before shortlisting five finalists who we believed could change the way people enjoy wine – from discovery and tasting, to cellaring and storing.

After pitches to the public and a panel of industry experts, the Vino Cap from Vinnovate was chosen as our winning winexplorer concept.

Created by Barossa Valley brothers, Joshua and Simon Schmidt, this screw cap bottle closure puts drinkers in control of their own wine experiences, allowing users to reduce preservatives or add complementary flavours or aromas to their wine with the push of a button.

Check out Vinnovate's video above, as well as the four runner up innovations.

Grape vines at Brancott Estate