On a world scale, the Marlborough wine region is still very young and we believe there remains a huge potential yet to be realised. Our winemaking philosophy is unencumbered by tradition and focused on capturing the remarkable, distinctive flavours of our home.  

From adopting screwcaps to advocating for stainless steel over oak, Brancott Estate understands what it takes to capture and enhance the fresh, bright flavours that people expect from a Marlborough wine.

This focus on discovery has seen us extend the perception of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to include naturally low alcohol, sparkling, organic, vegan, oak-influenced, sub-regional, single vineyard, late-harvest and age-worthy expressions of our signature varietal.  

Sauvignon Blanc grapes on the vine
Tractor harvesting Sauvignon Blanc vines
Patrick Materman in cuve room

Brancott Estate has always had an eye on the future, advocating sustainability across all aspects of our business and beyond. As a founding member of New Zealand's original sustainable winegrowing initiative, we understand the importance of nurturing our region. Working in harmony with nature not only ensures the sustainability of our wine-making, but of the land itself and the life upon it.

Falcon flying over Brancott Estate vineyard
Brancott Estate Vineyard at dusk

We are committed to improving every step of the winemaking process and were the first Australasian winery to achieve five top international industry standards for quality, environment, health, and safety for all our sites. These accreditations are a way of ensuring we continue to focus on our customers, our people and our planet.

Brancott Estate vineyard