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With fewer than 3,000 pairs in the wild, the Kārearea face a number of threats. Since 2009, the Marlborough Falcon Trust has been raising awareness about the birds, and the dangers that threaten their existence within the region.

Diana Dobson, the Marlborough Falcon Trust aviary manager believes the future for falcons in Marlborough is looking up. With our ongoing commitment to the project, we are proud to have raised over half a million dollars to date, which has helped construct 16 rehabilitation and breeding pens, along with assisting the ongoing care and wellbeing of the falcons.

Keeping our native falcons safe isn’t about hitting a kindness quota, it’s much more than that. They also play an important part in our vineyard ecosystem, helping to keep grape-eating birds away from the vines.

Discover how our wines are created with the natural environment and witness a New Zealand falcon in full flight among the vines of Brancott Vineyard, while learning more about the birds’ important role in helping sustain our vineyards.