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5 Way to Live
on the Flip Side

April 2, 2023

5 Ways to Live Life on the Flip Side

Living life on the flip side means to have a unique perspective, to break free from tradition and embrace creativity. It’s about doing things differently and seeing the world in a new light – because sometimes the weird and the wonderful can be truly delicious! 

White wine glass, red wine glass, jam jar… who cares? 

Tradition says red wine and white wine should be drunk from different glasses. We say do what you like! Our Pinot Noir still tastes just as delicious in a white wine glass, and bubbles are just as bubbly in a jam jar. 

White wine and fish were forever… until toasties came on the scene. 

The classic pairings will always have a place in history, but we’d rather pick our own wine and dine adventure. You never know what might be secretly delicious; don’t be afraid to experiment and discover new flavor combinations. Need some inspo? Here are 4 unusual food pairings to tease your tastebuds. 

Where does wine go when it’s lonely? To a cocktail party! 

Who says wine can’t be mixed into a cocktail? Vino is a versatile drop that can add delicious depth and complexity to a cocktail. Try shaking up a Brancott Spring for something fresh – or a Brancott Spritz if you’re feeling boujee. 

Try looking at the world in a different way 

When you live life on the flip side, you tend to look at things differently. Convention said Marlborough was only good for sheep farming, but our flip side thinking led us to start the first commercial vineyard in what is now New Zealand’s most significant and celebrated wine region. Embrace your creativity and see the world through a new lens, you never know what magic you’re about to discover! 

Drink Brancott Estate – it’s delicious! 

Look, we might be a little biased, but the perfect sidekick to any flip side journey is a glass (or jam jar) of Brancott Estate wine. Made with grapes grown in the stunning Marlborough region right at the bottom of the world, our wines pack a punch of freshness and vibrancy you’ll only find on the flip side. 

Ready to take a sip on the flip side? Explore our wines here. 

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